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"Wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your products! A Groupon was purchased as a gift for me and I immediately went to your site and uploaded my up-to-date resume. About 24 hours later I was contacted by Melissa who asked pertinent questions related to my career. They were thought provoking and took a bit of time to answer.
Then, in just a day or two, I received my completed resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and follow up letter. They were all so impressive, I insisted my daughter purchase the same Groupon that was purchased for me so she too could have a current well-formatted timeline of her accomplishments. I also recommended she ask for Melissa who seems to have some experience in our business and can translate that information well into a product that is more universal. To give you an idea of how grand her work was, I found a position just four days later in the daily list of jobs in my area related to my skill set and uploaded both the cover letter and resume.
Imagine my surprise when just over 24 hours later the HR person was calling me to discuss a possible interview time! I have never, ever gotten my foot in the door that quickly. Thanks Melissa and thanks Reszoome"
- Kelli

"I cannot thank Reszoome enough for helping revamp my resume and helping me land my first job after graduating! My writer was knowledgeable in my field, as well as the tools and software used for the position I was targeting. My finalized resume was used to apply for jobs, which I ended up receiving offers for. I was a bit reluctant at first to use a resume writing service. However, I now realize how important it is to have a pair of fresh eyes looking over my resume; professional resume writers no less."
- Lucy

"I had several phone calls the first week after releasing my new resume."

"It was a great deal! Thank you."

"I am really impressed with my résumé, cover letter, thank you, and follow up. Thank you so much for making this available and taking that stress off of me."

"Great, fast, and professional service. I submitted my resume on a Monday, and by Thursday I had three interviews scheduled!"

"Great customer service!"

"Extremely professional, quick, and pleasantly surprised!"

"Great job and fast turn around."

"I'm so pleased I decided to take a chance and buy a special deal with Groupon, I never felt so confident in finally grasping a job worth my experience, and re-introducing myself to the entertainment industry. Excited in what's to come, and blasting the resume in only a few days!"
- Amanda H.

"I am so pleased with the outcome of my resume. I am confident this will move me up to the top of the pile of resumes HR depts. are going over. Looking forward to aggressively sending it out in 2013!!! Thanks for your prompt and professional services. Highly recommending your services to my friends, colleagues and family."
- Maggie C.

"The revised resume is PERFECT. Thanks so much, and I will be proud to start sending out these documents. I sincerely appreciate your accurate attention to detail."
- Carol D.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I am very pleased with my new resume and will recommend you to friends. The first company that I applied to with your resume has already called me back for a phone interview. I feel that it was your resume that did the trick and thank you for the revised thank you and follow up letters. Where can I write a review? I give you five stars!"
- P. Jones

"Wow! I love it. No revisions needed. You should get a raise. Thanks so much for your excellent work."
- G. Earhart

"The first draft supplied is superb. I am quite impressed and extraordinarily relieved. Thank you so much for your assistance. Your work product has me nearly misty-eyed with relief. A million thank you's. I look forward to seeing the final draft. I will most certainly be recommending this service to absolutely everyone I know."
- S. Gladding

"Thank you so much, Eva. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and talents. Reszoome is very lucky to have you, and so are we."
- Afolabi

"This is very impressive, I like it very much as it shows how dedicated you and your team are at what you do. I am a satisfied customer and would definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you again."
- Alison

"Awesome service."
- Chris

"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my résumé. I also appreciate all the editing you had to do for me. This couldn't have happened in a worst economy. Yet, this has given me time to help my family. I just know my new résumé and cover letter will sell me now. I am so blessed that your company did that Groupon offer. Now, you may not be as happy as I am about being stuck with me but I hope so."
- Donna F

"YOU made my day...getting it done before I had to take my little ones to school!!!!!!! Thank you! It looks awesome! Do you have a contact for future work? I have been bragging to my friends and family how great it looks! I wish I did this sooner...thank you again."
- Patty B

"My résumé and cover letter look awesome! I'm sure that it doesn't need changes. Do you do other letters as well? I need to write a letter that gives a brief review of career moves and key professional accomplishments as they specifically relate to the position of superintendent. Thanks again for everything!!!"
- Steve V

"I wish I could meet you in person to say thank you for a job well done. I'm very pleased with the results of our work together and will definitely endorse your agency and this Groupon experience. If there is anything else you need from me at this juncture, please let me know otherwise I will assume we have completed this project. Thank you again."
- Suzanne H

"The writing team at Rezoome is among the best I have dealt with. Having spent a lot of money on résumé services in the past, I was extremely apprehensive about having another résumé services company work on it. However, after consulting with my lead writer my fears were quickly diminished. The level of professionalism, creativity and expediency was a welcomed surprise."
- Annie M

"Your company did a great job and thanks for your timely response. I could not have asked for better service. Please feel free to pass this compliment along to your supervisor as I believe you deserve to be recognized for your service to me."
- Aaron D.

"Looks great! Thanks for your enduring attention. I passed along your contact information to a colleague of mine who may be looking soon. Again THANKS for your work!!!"
- Collin B.

"After searching for the right résumé writing service I finally came upon this company. I have to admit I didn't think anyone could improve my résumé (had lots of gaps,) but the team at reszoome demonstrated a level of talent that is a cut above the rest. With a quick 72-hour turnaround and a cost that couldn't be beat there is nobody else I would trust to work on my résumé rather than my writer at reszoome."
- Alisha B.

"Thank you very much. I think the résumé and cover letter look incredible. I was in awe when I saw the finished product. I appreciate the help so much. The difference is like night and day and I am sure that I will see better results now. I'm very excited that I saw the groupon ad for this service. Thanks again!!"
- James F

"Great product, fast turnaround, reasonable value…what's not to love about this service! The writer I worked with answered all of my questions and even anticipated some issues that I had never thought of-saving me hours of frustration. Thanks to everyone at reszoome, you really are among the best."
- Brian C.

"I used reszoome after being let go from my position of 10 years. I was skeptical of having an outside company write my résumé, however I couldn't have been more pleased with the product that reszoome produced! They were able to take my entire work history and create an understandable and very eye-catching document that has already started getting me phone calls!"
- Bethany L

"So glad I bought this Groupon from your résumé service!! I now feel confident about my job prospects. Best value for the money! If you need a résumé done, I wouldn't look any further."
- Richard S