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Professional Résumé Writing and Editing

Our Certified Professional Résumé Writers will work alongside with you in an interactive process to come up with the best possible piece of marketing collateral for your job search.

Professional Résumé: $125

Suited for professionals, individual contributors, and managers alike, the professional résumé will offer you a clean, visually appealing format, deliver stellar, flawless language, and market your best abilities.

Our writers will work directly with you to bring out your unique skill sets and craft a résumé that is powerful, persuasive, and succinct. Studies show that you have 30 seconds or less to make an impression on a hiring manager or HR representative. As human resource professionals, we have found this to be 100% accurate!

You have 30 seconds or less to make an impression. Do it in the first 10 of those seconds with

Curriculum Vitae: $149

Present your expertise and history of scholarly excellence in the right format for your discipline. Details on your education, honors and awards, research experience, dissertation, academic service, publications—you name it. Our team of writers will develop a CV specifically designed to highlight your achievements and training. Get recognized in today''s academic marketplace with a CV that wastes no time in selling your expertise!

Military Resume: $149

You''ve gained a wide variety of skills in the military. Get the attention of civilian employers with a resume that successfully sells your years of accomplishment, leadership, and technical expertise. Zoom into your new career with the help of our veteran-oriented team!

Federal Resume: $149

Apply to agency vacancies with a resume formatted for the next position in your government career! Whether you''re applying to the federal government for the first time or need a new resume to receive a promotion, our team of professional writers can deliver the document you need! Eliminate guesswork with our fast, easy service and show federal employers that you''re the perfect match with critical job-related information.

One of our experienced human resource and placement executives will do the following:

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Professional Cover Letters

Increase your chances of catching a hiring manager's eye with a succinct cover letter that speaks to both your soft skills and your technical skills, as they are relevant to the position.

Cover Letter: $35

In our combined 40+ years of experience at the executive recruiting roundtable, the team at has noted that many employers and HR professionals have their interest piqued by a compelling cover letter. As a traditional job search introduction, the cover letter is used to generate interest in your résumé, and therefore, your candidacy.

Thank you notes, follow up letters, and other items

We offer a number of additional supporting documents to help you follow up in a timely manner, put your best foot forward by thanking your interviewers, and present your overall candidacy in a professional light.

References and Professional Correspondence Letters

We offer a variety of letters to aid in your employment process: Thank You Letters, Follow-Up Letters, Resignation Letters, Offer Decline Letters, and Acceptance Letters can be purchased for $20 each. A References Page, available for $25, allows you to present your references in a professional format aligned with the style of your résumé.

Résumé Posting Service: $59.99

Instantly post your résumé on up to 85 of the top job boards including Careerbuilder, Beyond,, Dice, Net-temps and more.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover $59

Ensure your online brand properly reflects your skills and qualifications and builds your reputation through LinkedIn.

Additional Edits $50

When your resume is nearly perfect and you're about to send it out, but you want just some extra attention to ensure that your job search is positioned for success, we offer an additional round of edits at an hourly rate of $50.